An adventure of my life time!


Just came back from another four days camping trip. I didn’t go camping at Lake Louise campground as I have done several weeks ago. Instead, I went to Yoho National Park. It is now in the peak of the touristy season. Banff NP, especially Lake Louise area, is clouded. I doubted I would be able to find a camp site. Yoho NP is less well-known. My chance of finding one was higher.

And I was right. Even Yoho was getting busy, which was very quiet 3-4 weeks ago. Kicking Horse, a campground with shower service, was full by the time I showed up (10 in the morning. I had to drive about 3 hours). Luckily, Monarch, a nearby campsite without shower, had a few spots left. I was happy to find a place to camp and I was thrilled that I was allowed to take shower at Kicking Horse. I don’t mind getting sweaty, but I hate going to sleep without a shower to get rid of them. Call me “spoiled”. I won’t argue with you. 🙂

The view from the campground is breathtaking. Tall mountains stand on both sides of the area. It is one of the most beautiful campground I’ve ever stayed. Most of the pictures were taken right from the campsite (except the waterfall which is about 13 km away in the same park). However, it is not the quietest. A highway is close by and a railway isn’t too far away. All night long, I could hear train running. They are long trains—it seemed to last forever.

It rained at least for a while every day in the four days I camped, especially in the late after or in the evening. The pictures were taken only five minutes before a shower came. On the third night, it poured so hard that small drops dripped in my tent. I had to use my shirt in between the tent and the windbreaker to catch the water. If I didn’t have to worry about being wet and soaked, I actually loved hearing the sound of rain dropped on my tent.






DSC05461 Stitch



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