An adventure of my life time!


My new home is another B&B in Tete Jaune Cache. I’ll be here volunteering until mid Sept. The town is tiny, with about 500 people. It is in a valley where three mountain ranges meet! Jasper NP is about an hour drive and Mt Roberson Provincial Park is only 15 minutes away.

My host is a family of three—a couple and their teenage boy. They are all very friendly and fun to be with. We actually have hiked once together already. Their log home is so pretty—I used to dream about having a log home like theirs. Nowadays I just enjoy others’. 🙂 I can’t believe Andy, the husband, built this house. It is very impressive. And Elli cooks for the family, including me! I love it. Oh, I help to clean their two guestrooms which is pretty easy. Life is great. And I feel at home here.

The pictures were taken on my way. It was about 7 hour drive so I didn’t stop for too long in the middle.







Comments on: "321. My New Home for Next Couple of Months" (7)

  1. What an amazing life you are living now, Ching! It just gets better and better.

    • I love my life. I won’t trade with anyone. 🙂 It is actually not easy for me to say that, considering I hated life once upon a time! Now I’m older and wiser. 🙂

  2. I know about hating life, Ching. For a seed to grow and bloom, it requires fertile soil, sun and rain. So good to watch you blooming.
    Perhaps we are both people who got the painful parts of life over in the beginning, not at the end. Of course, you are younger.
    Have you checked out my novel yet? Karma’s Little Helper by Sharon Graham. It’s available on Amazon in paperback and via Kindle and a fast fun read. The main character battles suicide at one point and survives, a bit autobiographical.
    It also might look tempting on a table in the cabin, for visitors to check out.

    • I am glad we both feel better about life now. It is a journey and it took me awhile. Just happy to be in a much better place. Congratulations to your book! I just signed a contract with a publisher! My first novel, Wings of a Flying Tiger, will be published next year. 🙂

  3. I recall your previous publishing difficulties. Good to hear you’ve found someplace reputable to publish you. As for me, I self-published and marketing is quite impossible without backing or money. I’ve made a fool of myself more than once, handing out business cards to people who don’t know me.

    • Luckily, last one was a only novella. This is a full length novel. I like the feel that someone thinks I am good enough to be published. It is accomplishment. Not an easy job, to write a novel, to get published. But I love the rewards. 🙂

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