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329. Having A Sore Finger


I haven’t post anything for a while. About two weeks ago, I hurt my finger during cleaning.

It started as a tiny little cut that I didn’t pay any attention and kept on cleaning the rooms. I wore gloves most of the time. But they weren’t the most durable gloves and they broke easily. I guess on that day, while I had the cut, I had a leaky glove. The end result is I had an infection. Worse yet, the infection was under the nail. It was not only very painful, but also very hard to heal. Several days after I tried home remedies without any success, I went to see a doctor ($100 without insurance). By this time, I have already left the B&B in Tete Jaune Cache and went back to the first B&B I volunteered in Revelstoke.

The doctor suggested to cut the nail open. I had a similar experience before and knew how painful it was, even with something to numb the area. I chickened out and asked whether it’s okay to use antibiotics alone. He didn’t insist since the pus started to drain slowly. So he gave me an antibiotics.

Two days later, I went to the clinic again since my finger hurt terribly. It is incredible that a tiny cut can hurt so badly. This time, the doctor prescribed a stronger antibiotics. However, it took several days before the medicine started to work. Even now, a week after the second medicine, I’m still not totally “out of the woods” yet. It is not painful anymore, but it is still a little infected. I hope I am close to the edge of “the woods” and I will feel normal soon.

By the way, I have already finished volunteering in Canada and I am back in the US. Hopefully, soon, I will be healthy enough to go out and take pictures again. When I am not feeling well, good scenery means nothing to me. All I want is being healthy! Being sick, even just a sore finger, when traveling alone isn’t fun. 😦

The pictures here were taken from Mt Roberson Provincial Park while I was in Tete Jaune Cache.



DSC05977 Stitch





DSC05766 Stitch








Comments on: "329. Having A Sore Finger" (2)

  1. I’m so sorry you have been dealing with this pain & infection. You’re writing brought to mind my dad’s old fashioned saying, “when you’ve got your health you’ve got just about everything”. Your pictures you just posted are still very good 😉👍🏼. Happy, safe travels😊🍂🍁

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