An adventure of my life time!


As I promised, I am posting pictures of the US. I’ve been in Canada for four months. It is time to praise the beauty of my own country. 🙂

I am near Glacier NP. I’ve driven through going-to-the-sun road once ten years ago. When I was here in the spring, only the first 16 miles of the road was open. Now I’m back, I decided to drive the famous and beautiful road again.

Well, I almost missed the opportunity again. The path was open, until I reached Logan Pass. Icy and snowy condition over the pass made the ranger closed the highway. They had no idea when they would reopen it. “You can wait until the sun comes out and the fog lifts up.” The clouds seemed so thick that I did believe it would clear up. Tomorrow will be a better day, I though. So I drove down the mountain, hiked for a couple of hours before I went to the visitor center.

Right in front of my eyes, the message on the information board changed. The road opened up. Since I was already down the mountain, about 30 miles away, I wasn’t going to go back until the next day so that I could spend more time along the route. “No, this is the last day of the season.” Luckily I asked. I had no choice but to go back even though it was already noon.

Needless to say, the pass is magnificent. My only wish is I had more time. America is as spectacular as I remember it. 🙂
















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