An adventure of my life time!

332. Many Glaciers


Glacier NP is huge. It takes several hours just to drive from one side to another. Since the going-to-the-sun road in the middle of the park is closed, the drive is even long. However, I’ve never been to Many Glacier Area so I decided to take a look, even it took me 3 hours to get there and another 3 hours to get back.

Many Glacier is as spectacular as I was told: active glaciers, tall mountains, sparkling lakes, beautiful wildflowers, and wildlife. I’ve seen a grizzly bear, a moose, and a cute animal I don’t even know the name. I’ve only seen grizzly bears in Alaska before.

It is also hikers’ paradise. Trails seem to radiate out in all directions. Since the visitor center is closed over there, I picked a trail with more cars (off season, no more than a dozen), guessing and hoping it would be a scenic trail. I was right—Grunnell Glacier trail is amazing. Passing 3 blue lakes along the way, the 11 mile trail (rt) takes hikers to another lake with icebergs. One picture below shows three lakes. While I took the picture, I kept on thinking it seemed so far from where I started hiking—the far end of the first lake in the picture. I wasn’t even at the end of the trail when I took the shot. But you know what? The almost 5 hours hike is so worth going.






















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  1. I envy your being there in the Autumn. I was there last year in July. Go to my FB page, Albums, Glacier National Park or Grinnel Glacier to see my summer pictures which look so different from yours. My favorite hike was Grinnel Glacier trail and at the end was a glacier that I walked on and 15 or so big Rams with big horns (close). I also saw a moose & white goats at other places. Also, go thru my FB cover photos as I posted a couple there. I may go there next Spring or summer with camp reservations. Tomorrow I’m going to Fort Verde ?Days in Camp Verde & maybe to Fossil Creek.

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