An adventure of my life time!


I’ve been to Yellowstone several times. Last time was only half a year ago when I was on my way to Canada. Since it’s on my way down south and I love this NP very much, I decided to spend more time there. Luckily I was able to use my timeshare to exchange to a pretty good resort. I haven’t enjoyed such luxury for some time. It’s great to indulge myself once in a while when no one else will. 🙂

The photos below were mostly taken from Old Faithful area.

DSC06266(Lone Star)

(Lone Star geyser: it takes about 5 mile rt to reach this geyser)

DSC06278(Chines spring)

(Chines spring)

DSC06281 (Blue Star spring)

(Blue Star spring)

DSC06286(Heart spring)

(Heart spring)




DSC06310(Grand Geyser) )

(Grand geyser)


(A heart?)

DSC06327(Wave Spring)

(Wave spring)

DSC06334 (Chromatic pool)

(Chromatic pool)

DSC06337 (Ear spring)

(Ear spring)

DSC06340 (Aurum geyser)

(Aurum geyser)

DSC06364 (Old Faithful)

(Old Faithful)






(Bison is everywhere in the area. Sometime they just stayed on the road, blocking the traffic. After a while, I really have no interest to see them again.)



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  1. I’m glad you indulged yourself with some nice digs 🌹👍🏼

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