An adventure of my life time!

359. On the Way again

The trip to CA in April was so much fun that Libby and I decided to take another trip together, this time to Steamboat Springs, CO.
We took our time and stopped along the way at Monument Valley and Arches National Park.
“We should reach Moab in the afternoon. Arches NP is gorgeous in sunset,” I told Libby before the trip. “It rarely rains in Moab. You are in for a treat.” I was so confident.
But boy, was I wrong! It rained and the sky was dark the whole afternoon. We didn’t witness any sunset as I was so eager to share with my friend. Nevertheless, as you can see, we had fun no matter it rained or shined.
I am not going to post too many pictures–not only I didn’t take many, but also I’ve already posted a lot during my previous visits (195,196,200,344,345). Stay tuned for the rest of the trip. 🙂














Comments on: "359. On the Way again" (2)

  1. Nice!

    I was in CO, end of July-September, hiking above 10k in San Juan mtns. Ouray, Telluride, Silverton area. Chasing flowers in the alpine zone of the SJ. And the flowers carpets I have seen, unbelievable!!

    • I am so happy for you. I’ve seen carpets of wild flowers in CO. They are incredible. We are a little too late this time–only saw the tail end of the flower season and trees are just started to change color.

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