An adventure of my life time!

373. Desert Rose


I love rocks. I don’t buy any souvenirs during my travel, but I do pick interesting rocks.  

Desert Rose is a beautiful rock I’ve seen in rock and mineral shops. It is a type of gypsum that forms rosette-like concretions. The rock is very cute and looks man-made.

Since it can be found in Arizona, I wondered whether I would be lucky to find it in the wilderness. One place to spot them, I learned, is a mine in Camp Verde. So Libby and I tried our luck. The salt mine is one of the oldest known mines in the United States. From far, the area seems covered by snow. We had a great time looking around and searching, but we only found “broken roses”.


(The “broken rose” we found)







(The photo is copied online)


Comments on: "373. Desert Rose" (2)

  1. That’s really a broken rose.

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