An adventure of my life time!


A freelance photographer and writer who is about to take the adventure of her life time – driving solo from east coast (North Carolina) to Alaska and spending the whole summer there!


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  1. this is my first twitter reply, I am so happy that I am still conncectd to you and your adventures. I have not signed to a twitter account yet but am following you on your twitter. Will email you again when I figure out the technology that is passing me by. Sent Final copy of Dark Side of Creation to my agent yesterday, He will post it on Amazon E-Book and Barns and Noble Nook as soon as he reviews the entire book. Write to me soon. Will follow your twitter. Missed you at writers club this week. Have fun on your journeys. Cheers, Mary Pallais

    • Hi Mary! I am glad you are following my blog. It is not a twitter, though. I don’t even have a twitter account.
      Congratulations to your publication! I miss the writers club as well!

  2. Peter and Ingrid said:

    Hi Qing, we met in Revelstoke last July, and we will never forget you took the time and effort to bring our bag to Banff! I have been looking for your publication on the web, but no luck so far. Please keep in touch, I hope you can e-mail us directly. Peter, Ingrid and Elise

    • I am so glad you got in touch. It was great meeting you, twice in Canada. πŸ™‚ The publication is delayed. Hopefully it will be out soon. I will keep you posted. My Canadian trip was an unforgettable experience. Your family and others like you made my experiences remarkable. Thank you!

      • I will be heading to Cochran then to Banff, Lake Louise, Penticton, Vancouver, Whistler, Cowichan Bay And hopefully Victoria to visi and hike. Any recommendations would b appreciated. When r u back to Sedona. Like to meet up with you!

      • I’ll leaving in three weeks and will be back in the middle of March. It’ll be great if we can meet up after I come back from the trip. I love Canada. You’ll have a great time.

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