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388. Desert Botanic Garden

The Desert Botanical Garden is located in Phoenix, central Arizona. Founded by the Arizona Cactus and Native Flora Society in 1937, the garden has more than 21,000 plants. It’s a great time to visit before it gets too hot.




387. Wildflowers in Sedona, this year only!

Last year, my friend and I went to California to look for wildflowers. Look what we have here in Sedona this year!




386. Las Vegas (7): Gold Butte NM—Little Finland

Gold Butte is a National Monument located in the northeast of Las Vegas. It protects 300,000 acres of desert landscapes. President Obama designated the area as a National Monument in December 2016.

I heard about this area years ago before it became a NM. In fact, I’ve tried to hike in the area but gave up since there was no sign, no trail, nobody around to ask information.

Even now, it is still a remote area. Libby and I drove as far as we could in her Prius and had to park by the side of the road to hike about four miles (one way) to Little Finland.

I’ve seen pictures of Little Finland online, and I was eager to see it with my own eyes. I’m glad we were so determined to explore the area. It turned out to be as fabulous as I imagined. There are petroglyphs and intriguing rock formations. We spent a long day and still didn’t want to leave.

This concludes my Las Vegas trip.  



385. Las Vegas (6): Lake Mead NRA—Grapevine Canyon

Grapevine Canyon is about one and a half an hour south of Las Vegas. It belongs to Lake Mead National Recreation Area, although you won’t see any lake from here.

What you will find is tons of petroglyphs! Hundreds or thousands of them! I’ve seen a lot of rock arts. This is one of the best sites.

384. Las Vegas (5): Valley of Fire State Park—Petroglyphs


383. Las Vegas (4): Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire is my favorite state park. I’ve been there a number of times, and it never failed to take my breath away. The park has not only red rocks but also rocks of rainbow colors. And it’s less than an hour away from Las Vegas, very easy to reach.

382. Las Vegas (3): Sloan Canyon NCA

I’d never even heard Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area before this trip. I was just checking the map and found a green spot. I’m glad I was curious enough to check it online. At first, from all the reading I did online, it seemed to be inaccessible without a high clearance vehicle. I was so determined I called BLM and learned the road to the visitor center was recently paved!

If you love rock art, Sloan Canyon is a place you don’t want to miss. There are hundreds of petroglyphs, and you can get very close to them. Best of all, not too many people were there. We’ve only seen two couples—a young couple breezed through the area, and the other spent twenty minutes. Libby and I spent more than half a day, taking a picture of all the petroglyphs we could find. It was like treasure hunting.

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